One of the 4 holiday boutiques I did was at a country club in St. Paul.  The shopping event was Mistletoe & Martini.  It was a phenominal event businesswise along with meeting fabulous new people, catching up with a sweet familiar face and having oh so much fun.
This was a shot early on before it got really full. I will definitely be doing this again.  The only thing I'll do differently is bring someone with me.  I was so busy writing orders for many, I missed out on helping + meeting others.
YES. This is the LIFE.

I did another last minute holiday boutique the next morning in Woodbury.  Which was so fun and a good business decision, I just wish I'd been able to do the evening part of it as well, but I was missing my family and we had a parade & fireworks already planned.

I have another Stelie Home Holiday party tonight, my last one for the season!  This extrovert thrives on meeting people and chatting. Funny, considering 99% of my work is online, perfect for an introvert.

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