September Rocks

September is my FAVORITE month!!!  It brings fall, my FAVORITE season, cooler weather and my birthday!  To celebrate all of your continued support and my turning 40!  I'm going to do give aways. 
Art prints up for grabs! 

 Notepads up for grabs!
and more!!!   I'll also be doing a sale sometime this month!  So stay tuned and follow me on Facebook or twitter so you don't miss out!

Now let's get this party started!  Today's give away is...
This is the Life greeting cards - set of 10 in orange ($22.50 value)
The story behind this design
When leaving swim lessons one morning my then 6yr old son walked outside into the warmth of the sunshine and said "This is the Life!" Yes, my dear it is. 
Love that the simple things can mean the most
Entering to win is easy : leave a comment answering the following question
What makes you stop and say This is the Life? 
(My answer - coffee, kids giggling, gazing at my sleeping angels, hearing "i wuv you mommy," my husband letting me sleep in, sitting in the green grass with a child on my lap and the smell of rain)  Okay now your turn...
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Good Luck!  Lots of chances to win!  Go tell all your friends!


Jeanne Gearhart said...

I just thought, "this is the life", the other day. It was a beautiful sunny morning and Dave, Sophie and I walked Ashley 2 blocks to her bus stop to go to Kindergarten. Ashley was SO excited and Sophie was SO happy for her - and as the bus pulled up, they hugged and wished each other a good day! As we watched the bus pull away - and saw Ashley waving in excitement - I thought these are the moments you never forget and "this is the life"!

Happy Elephant Designs said...

Snuggling with my baby girl in the morning before I have to get her on the bus for kindergarten. It took us 10 years to have her, and I cherish every moment I can soak up with her. :)

Pinky Creations said...

Watching my two girls playing barbies together, let's me know that "This is Life"!
They are precious and I love seeing them playing and getting along

Jess and Ryan said...

Yesterday I made playdoh sea animals with my 2 year old boy, Rex. He asked me if we could bring them to the river. So we hopped in the stroller and walked down to the E. River on the Lower East Side of nyc (our neighborhood). There we sat, me on a bench, Rex in the stroller hugging a truck full of playdoh animals. We watched the river current and basked in the sun together for several minutes of quiet reflection (this is hours in 2 year old time). I thought to myself "nothing is better than this".

Adorebynat said...

Happy 40th Birthday!

I'd say, being reunited with DH just the other day, that the 3 of us (hubby, little man, and I)together again, had actually made me thinking "this is the life." Wherever I am as long as I have 2 my men around, that's the life.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Adorebynat said...

FB follower of course :-)

Adorebynat said...

twitter friend :-)

Adorebynat said...

Pinterest buddy :-)

paperhoney2@gmail.com said...

Cooking a delicious meal and getting to enjoy it with your favorite person in the whole world!

paperhoney2@gmail.com said...

Following you on Pinterest!

Jill said...

vacation with my family and nothing to do but relax.

Jill said...

following you on facebook.


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