39 is a number. 39 is the number of years i've been alive. 39 is the last number in what has been my fabulous thirties. 39 is the number i'm embracing.  to celebrate, i thought i'd share 39 things about me (you may or may not know)

1. i have the most amazing family
2. had a storybook childhood while growing up in sioux falls, sd
3. married the right person at 30 after being engaged to the wrong person at 24
4. stopped drinking pop when easton & adler were born. (that's almost 27 months)  carbination + c-section = discomfort...carbination + breast feeding = 2 unhappy baby tummies
5. although, i've had a couple sips every now and then.
6. have a sensitivity to scents. i get headaches & nauseous.  no perfume or cologne for anyone + our household products are unscented. gets worse as i get older.
7. have incredible friends. friends that i consider family.
8. suffered and won the infertility battle
9. my children are quadruplets born 4 years apart.
10.am open minded.
11.worked for target corp. (marshall fields division 5 years, target stores 2 years)
12. worked downtown minneapolis for 12 years & loved every minute of the hussle & bussle
13. strongly dislike cooking.
14. i'm an alpha gamma delta alum and made many life long friends because of it
15. developed asthma at 23, ulcer at 24. (both of which i manage without meds)
16. at a young age, i always planned on working from home while my kids were young
17. although, i'd planned on designing and building homes
18. by hand drew many home plans (to scale) in high school (my mom still has them)
19. i'm petrified of mice actually it's more like a phobia.
20. am a positive person and prefers to look on the bright side.
21. was always in trouble for talking in school  (elementary thru high school)
22. was on the debate team in high school. did well and loved it.
23. breast fed 2 babies at once for 14 months. twice. (adds up to 28 months of my life) 
24. i hate hate hate needles.
25. but learned to give myself hormone injections
26. i love love love sugar
27. but gave it up while breastfeeding
28. my mom is truly the most wonderful, giving, caring and truly incredible woman and i am so thankful for her.
29. played the cello in 5th grade and jr. high orchestra, continued with private lessons thru high school.
30. am a liberal thinker
31. have always been a city girl at heart.  
32. once told my mom i was moving away when i got big. i did. moved to minneapolis in '90 when i started college at the UofMN.  when my avery recently told me she was moving away when she got big. i cried.
33.my dad is truly fantastic. giving, caring, thoughtful, nothing he wouldn't do for his family. so so thankful for him.
34. i follow my instincts and get mad when i don't.
35. love, love wine. but haven't had a drop of alcohol in 3 years (by choice)
36. gather lots of information on a subject then decide what works for me or my family. 
37. after a full year am slowly adjusting to small town life
38. feel like i'm in my 20's, until i look in the mirror.
39. love my life & look forward to growing old.


Pam said...

Happy Birthday! I thoroughly enjoyed reading and learning more about you. I can relate to many of your items, too! I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks so much for sharing!

Weitzell4 said...

Thanks for sharing. I also drew many many house plans, although I was in jr. high when I did, and I drew the furniture and people that went in them (although not to scale). I just watched my 7 year old draw a picture for school, of her room, very detailed to the profile of the foot on the dresser... maybe another designer.

Heidi said...

Happy belated birthday to a fellow September baby!!! I too played cello-- I still have my cello with me and get it out every now and again.

Handmade in Israel said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun post - nice to get to know you a bit more!


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