The Perfect Gift

 Family Personlized Notepads

I'm putting on the final touches.
Personalize your family notepads with your kids, like I did mine above. 
You can have whatever text you like.  I couldn't decide between The G-K Four or My Fab Four.  I guess you can tell what won out. 
When Paxton saw my test print, he gave me a big hug!  Easton saw it and said "that's me!" (pointing to the little brown haired boy)  Then I showed Adler and she said "that's me!" (pointing to the little curly blonde haired girl)  Avery was in her own world but she knew who it was.  Even my husband loved these and while he appreciates what I do, he doesn't get into it, nor comment much.
You'll be able to choose the number of kids, skin/hair/eye/clothes color, hair style, clothes.  Font & text. 
Personalize for your parents with all the grandkids for an awesome holiday gift.  Make these gifts for your friends, family, teachers, neighbors, etc.  Perfect personalized gift for the person who has everything, including yourself.

Keep watching they will be available soon!

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