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 My skyline invites have become my most popular invite! I have lots of plans to use what's working (skyline) + a little something else to make a new design. 
I used my NYC outline shown in navy with my heart tree design to make this new fall skyline.

Sometimes, I'm a design recycler/reinventor, a work with what you have type.  I have 4 kids, work from home, limited daycare since January, a child who's been demanding of my time since April with dr's and going to school issues (another post...someday)  along with last month being my 2nd highest sales month since I started this business of mine.  Meaning sometimes finding time to actually create new designs (without someone paying me) needs to be quick. 

I was reminded of the below custom design option (not chosen) for my wonderful clients this time 2 years ago, which I still like but needed to clean it up a bit to love it.
I made the trees more linear, changed to NYC instead of Minneapolis, modernized the fonts, changed the colors to navy, blues, hot pink, brown.  I think the trees + text would look cool in greys.
 So what do you think?  Good change? 
*I apologize for the poorish photos, I was too excited and had to post. It's dreary here today.

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