Just another Manic Monday!

Monday was off to a great start!  A new and fresh week was starting.  The sun was shining brightly. The birds were chirping. My mom was here watching the little kids. I was working away. I went to the kitchen to grab lunch and returned to this...
This is my computer which came down with something yucky in a matter of minutes. I left a message for my computer dr. guy.  Adler (in potty training/potty learning) dropped her nuk in the toilet after going potty.  I decided not to cry and work on cutting a couple weddings with this big guy
My thoughts were wishing I had a tech person on staff.  Someday. Someday, I'll have one on staff. 

Then the mail arrived!  My day started looking up again.  I received this order in the mail.  Delighted with how it was tied. I mean look at that button!   Made me giddy & had to share.
(you can get your card here)
Heidi of Row House 14 is super cool too.  Then got the call to bring my computer in.  After driving for an hour, I was back home in time to pick my kids up from school.   Life is good.  It was just another manic Monday!

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Heidi said...

Stephanie, you just made my manic Tuesday that much brighter with this post! Thanks so much for that! And so happy to know that the card arrived safe and sound! :)


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