happy friday!

it's friday!
last weekend we decided to head to sioux falls (my home town) while there we visited a local pumpkin patch/apple orchard which was having a family fun weekend.  pony rides, chickens to see, goats & sheep to feed & pet. such a fun time (except for easton's cough!)

we also celebrated my grandma's 91st b-day early

we had a great time, even though, we all thought she was off. instincts were correct, she ended up in the hospital late that night.  after having TIA or mini-stroke & is doing well and still in the hospital until she regains some of the left side eye, arm & hand movements.  thankfully, a very healthy woman all her life with the exception of a stroke in 2004 where the doctors didn't think she was going to make it.  not only did she make it but she still lives independently. 

the kids were off school this whole week.  i had so many fun things planned. we haven't done any of them. easton has bronchitis, paxton's got a bad cough & also on antibiotics, avery started a yucky cough & we are waiting for little adler to follow in their footsteps.  lovely! 

enjoy your weekend. looks like warm weather here. what do you have planned?


ij said...

Sorry to hear about your grandma going into the hospital! I know what it's like. When my grandma had a stroke she surprisingly regained her speech and her movement, but just her hearing was kinda lost in one ear. Hope she fully recovers!

Nothing planned. Playing it by ear, but hopefully outside because it's supposed to be super nice over here.

Here's to everyone feeling better soon!

Stelie Designs said...

thank you!

having nothing planned are the best kind of weekends to just do whatever comes up. enjoy the warmth! we should have it here too.


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