September you're here!

really...it's september already?!?! i love september. it means fall is almost here + my birthday month.  it also means school is starting soon.  when the kids are fighting or crying, i think "can't wait for school" but most of the time...i'm not ready for it to start. not ready for my kids to be in 1st grade. 

i'm embracing these last summer moments. last weekend we took 4 days and drove back to my hometown. to visit family. visit friends. stay up to late laughing. play at my elementary school playground. then on our way home made a spontaneous stop to have a snack at a slightly out of the way playground by a lake we'd never been to before. surprisingly, i stayed unplugged from the virtual world.

tomorrow early, i'm packing the kids up and taking them somewhere. just not sure where. zoo, nature center, moa, target, airport (to watch planes) who knows. we'll see when we wake up. tomorrow is my last day of the summer with just me and my 4.  daddy is home monday & school starts tuesday.

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