what's my child doing wednesday

we won the lottery with this kid! (honestly, we won the lottery with all our kids)
he is such a sweet + caring boy + full of great one liners.
the other day at the park ~ "i got my climbing mojo on!"
 or after jer kissed his cheek ~ "daddy, i rubbed your kisses in because i love them so"

other sweet things he says on a regular basis...
"my favorite thing is my family"
"i love my whole family so much"
"i am the luckiest kid"
"mommy, you are wonderful"
"should we order pizza tonight? should we?"
"mommy, i gotta tell you something...i love you"
or these
"we're playing john deere heaven"
"i want to drive a semi when i get big! where do we buy one, at the semi store?"
and so many others that i am drawing a blank.

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Kimberly said...

What a sweetheart! I love all those family comments, that's so amazing. I can't wait till Jack starts talking. He finally learned to shake his head no and it's been a blessing to us all. We're understanding each other so much better! :)


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