monday funday!

don't you just love monday's?!? no... maybe this will brighten your day. or week. or month. or....
meet my little dachshund pups.    
{personalized notepad}
we have been a pet free home since our golden passed away over 2 years ago. my children are animal lovers. (they don't discriminate. they love all animals.) however, they pretend to be puppies. yes, all 4 of them. so somedays, i am blessed with 4 pups. 
{personalized stationery}
they also love curious george.  if you've ever seen curious george then you know about hundley the dachshund.  so one more while snuggling, it hit me. i have to draw my own hundley dachshund.

now they need names.  i am looking for D names for each of them.  if i choose your name suggestions you just may get a prize.

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