doing a happy dance!

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all i can say is this past week, wacky!  the week was wacky!  not only did a local tech tell me they couldn't find any data on my external hard drive (which has everything stelie related (except my wedding folder) and everything personal photo related) devastating is what it was! after many shed tears. i was recommended anothern more technically advanced place 40 miles away.  believe me, i drove and i dropped it off.  it helped i was in the area taking easton to the dr.

thursday morning while avery was upstairs looking at ultrasound pics of herself. paxton was down watching a show, and i was upstairs in the bathroom getting ready.  i heard a loud thump, thump then a cry.  my heart sunk & i knew what happened . ran as fast as i could to pick up my little easton lying at the bottom of the stairs.  he cried for so long, then held his fingers saying owie.  after too long of owieness, i knew he had to see a dr. 6.5 hours later he looked like this
he buckle fractured his wrist.  let me tell you, i felt like the worst mom this day.  he will be sporting this new cast for 3 weeks. thankfully, he isn't letting it stop him.  after returning home he was back jumping, running, climbing.  with this cast came new weekend plans.  no lake or sand or extended heat for him. aka. indoor airconditioned activities. 

saturday, breakfast at ikea, kid sandal shopping, lunch, airport for airplane take off/landing viewing from the comfort of our airconditioned vehicle.

sunday, the zoo. thankfully there is lots to do inside.  we did watched the bird show outside but in the shade.
back inside for dolphin training show then home. another long day.

then comes today, the reason for my happy dance! i got THE call.  my data has been retrieved.  come on do a happy dance with me!

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Kimberly said...

You could almost get a heart attack with this kind of stuff. It happened to me while I was trying to get something done for a client. Happy you got your info back now take a look at your email for a message from me! :)

ij said...

yay, that's awesome you got your data back!! *joins happy dance*. i can only imagine losing all of mine.

glad your kid only has to wear a cast for 3 weeks. my friend sprained her ankle or something and she's been in a boot for 6 months!

Handmade in Israel said...

Your son will mend quickly. Kids are amazing! So happy you got your data back.

Stelie Designs said...

apparently, the dr. was saying if you have to break a bone, being so young is the best time when it only takes a few weeks.

a huge weight has been lifted now that my data is in my hands, well..on my desk.


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