so in this post, i eluded to this happening.
here's the full story.
this little guy, woke friday night with a fever. by 9:20am saturday my husband was calling 911. whoa.....back up...mr. easton's fever was 100.9-101.3 and didn't stay below 100 for long with motrin. which is odd for him. so jer (my husband) wasn't feeling the best either so we decided he & easton would go to a nearby express care. 

while jer was getting everything together, i was sitting on the couch holding easton with his head on my shoulder.  a few minutes after putting his socks on (which he didn't want) jerked & shrieked loudly, i leaned him forward holding him like a baby in my arm when i saw the look of terror in his eyes, which then rolled back into his head, he became very still and started turning blue, jer was near me by now and said "oh my god he's blue and foaming at the mouth, is he breathing" he ran to his phone and called 911.
in the back of my head i knew what was happening. i knew he was having a seizure.  my mind was flipping thru my catalog of information trying to remember what to do in this situation.  (my neice had a couple when I was pregnant with easton & adler so i did extensive research) all i could say reasuringly was "easton, mommy's here, mommy's here" "come back to me" "mommy's here" over and over.

by this time, he was no longer foaming and color was coming back but his breathing was off.  i quick called my parents (who, thank god were in town) to come over.  the 911 operator now had me lay easton on the floor, do a finger sweep, tilt his head back and tell him everytime he took a breath.  it was fast & he was now having a hard time staying awake because apparently the seizure takes a lot out of them.  a policeman arrived and took over from the wonderful 911 operator.     

my parents and the ambulance arrived at the same time. since easton was doing better at this point we decided to take him to the local ER (5 minute drive) instead of an ambulance.  my parents stayed with the other 3.

it turned out his fever was from the beginning of an ear infection & possible strep, we were home shortly after 11:00am.  by late afternoon/early evening mr. easton was back jumping off the bottom step & hitting adler.  he is well. all is good.

the real hero's in this story...paxton & avery, my 6 year old kids.
they remained calm, even though they were worried, they took adler under their wing and watched for the ambulance.  so so sweet.  i am truly blessed to be a mom to my 4. 

{eating avery's b-day cake}
while it was very scary, i knew easton would be fine. my husband on the other hand. said later that night and the next day he thought we were going to lose him.  sunday when his temperature was 99, jer called me to ask what to give him.   i think we are both a bit worried for a future fever.   


emandbee said...

Awwwww mannnn!!! Im sorry you went through that. It must have been terrifying, and its amazing how your mind goes into hyper speed. I hope he is better. :)

ij said...

oh my goodness, how scary!!! ditto what emandbee said, what a situation to go through. glad he's ok. it's amazing how kids can bounce back after and illness or having a situation. adults on the other hand, i think we're a lot slower. *hugs*


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