weekend in review

friday (my now new day off) our plan was target & ikea!
the kids and i got ready and out the door by 7:45am (i was shooting for 7:30 but we couldn't find the little one's shoes, my husband accidentally put them in the too small bin) after buckling in we were on our way to super target for grocery & classmate b-day gift shopping.  arriving at 8:12am while it wasn't busy we were as quick as quick could be.  even took time for a photo of all 4 on the bench by pharmacy

{my camera phone is slow. after saying "cheese" for a bit easton ready to be on our way}

so quick that is until.....we got to the checkout.
the slowest of slow was on deck.  i even helped fill my bags while my little ones who'd been angels were now getting rowdy.  finally able to finish our transaction and load up our frozen/cold items in the cooler, kids buckled & on our way to meet my parents at ikea for breakfast at 9:35am.

yummy as usual, fun was had, ran into and chatted a bit with an old friend, then back into the car (yes, i know i have a minivan but don't like saying it)  so car it is. home 5 hours later.  the rest of the day was naps, homework, lots of snuggling, lots of playing, dinner, bedtime. you know more of the usual. went to be thinking how blessed i am to have my 4! then baby easton woke at 10:43pm with a fever.

saturday, didn't go as planned and something happened that we hope will never happen again. (more on that later) my big kids were super duper excited to go to their classmates b-day party at our local bowling alley.  they had so much fun & couldn't stop talking about it. avery ended her latest antibiotic stint and my husband went to express care for antibiotics then took the big kids to the library.  the rest of the day was snuggling, watching movies, dinner, bedtime.

sunday, we colored a dozen easter eggs in the morning as i realized we forgot to hard boil the 2nd dozen. oh well, that just means more egg coloring another day!  
{neon food coloring}
then took the big kids shopping with my mom. so much fun to just do something with just them. they are growing up so fast.
{paxton in his new shirt & avery's new hat}
the weekend started great and ended great! the middle i'll share in another post.

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