party of 8!

this past weekend, our usual party of 6 was a party of 8! 6 kids...6 and under! we had my nieces (5 & 3) over to play and slumber and play some more.

we started by playing inside, then outside,
then inside, then make your own pizza's, then play games, then get our jammies on for movie &popcorn time.
jer & i actually sat down on the couch for a bit while the kids were watching "beverly hills chiuahua"
we looked at each other and said "this is fun"
yes, we were having fun!
then came snacktime & bedtime for 6. all kids were sleeping by 8:20. 
(i cherished this memory because i knew...come monday, i'd be paying for my kid's late night bedtime.  who are usually sleep around 7 and no later then 7:30) 

sunday my kids woke same as usual 5am. by 6am my 4 were outside with their flashlights & dad playing with worms which covered our driveway from the rain the night before.  7am my oldest niece was outside with my oldests playing with worms.  by 8am the 4 oldest kids were outside playing while i made breakfast. of course, i neglected to take any more photos. but we ate, played LOTS of games, ate, played outside in the hot yet windy day. 

as i mentioned before, i paid the price with tired cranky kids monday, who paid the price with a tired cranky mom.

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