big kids room take 2

6.5 months ago we moved to the country. to a small town. to our current home. in that time we have redone a lot!  remember my kids room here?

weeeeellllll....a couple weekends ago my lovely now 6 year olds decided to move rooms. the back story:: prior to moving in, i planned their room at the end of the hall or the farthest from the babies, the guest room was to be across from the babies room.  then we decided since our overnight guests now live 10 minutes away, it would be almost never used.  so the guest room became the big kids playroom.  the room where all the toys with little parts could be kept away from little mouths.  after moving in, i was slowly regretting this decision. their room was colder than the playroom since it had 3 outside walls.

here is what it looked like as a playroom on a clean day this fall [a room that was on the bottom of our to do list.]

it moved up on our list of to do items, when avery + paxton finally decided to move into that room. i had been asking them for 3 months [since it's a tad larger & warmer] they actually started moving toys before i put the kabosh on that and said we are doing this the correct way.  i'm painting your room first.

here is how it looks now...
{story of the dresser here}

i painted it behr suede gray, bought new curtains, curtain rod, and light fixture from ikea. 

 it still needs artwork hung and small stuff like that yet.  but i love looking in their room. 
you can find these adorable tooth monsters here and the fun photograph of my loves jumping in the water is from my talented friend teresa of teresa hermes photography.  we should be done with their bedroom, well until they decide they don't want to share any longer!

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