logo design part two

missed part one? catch up here.

it was quickly realized by all of us the inital colors weren't the ones. they lacked the pop and freshness.  we found new pantone options and i created these options after their fabulous feedback.
it was important to have 4 peas in the design to signify stacy + tarah's 4 kids. i started with 3 green (for the 3 boys) and 1 orange (for the only girl) and then with each a different color.

[on a personal note: my favorite numbers are 2 and 4.  which is probably why i was probably blessed with 2 kids at a time to equal 4 kids.]

after a bit more discussion here is their final logo
these women were so grateful. so delightful. so wonderful to work with.  if you get the opportunity to work with them. jump. don't wait.

you can follow them on their adventure to world domination here and here.

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