logo time part one.

i was contacted in late december to create a logo for a super cool new company with a new product to make life easier for mom's. the company just happens to be started by two women, stacy + tarah.
two women who also happen to be moms.
two moms who also happen to each have one set of twins.

in the past, i've turned away logo design. why? usually for lack of time plus stationery is my specialty and logo design is not in my full comfort zone. however, in looking to continue growing and expanding my business, this is an area i'd wanted to get into in 2011.

the fact that stacy found me, the timing of the project (quick turnaround & right after holidays when my stationery business slows (or so i thought would slow) and the fact that we all had the twin mom thing going, it was destiny. 

here is where we started:
stay tuned to see where we ended....

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