i'm back.

exactly last year at this time, we all suffered the dreaded flu bug. this year was to be no different.

saturday night, mr. easton threw up. we didn't believe it was the flu, since he's had a bad cold and lots of coughing, coupled with too much spinkle cheese at dinner, and spinning around from daddy.

fast forward to tuesday....mr. paxton threw up on his bus ride home. (poor kid) it was official. the flu bug had infiltrated our home.

then we strarted dropping like flies. very early wednesday morning miss avery succombed to the flu bug, then me followed by miss adler around 11:00am.  Jer is still standing and hoping he's in the clear.

as the sole person behind this business, when i'm down, it's all down.  when my kids are sick, i'm a mom first, business second. meaning i spend my very limited work time on production + designing, emails and convos fall to the bottom.   i'm apologizing to everyone who is wondering why i haven't responded to your email or convo yet.  i will and appreciate your understanding. 

thankfully it was a 24 deal. i'm back working. my mom is here taking care my 4 and the flu bug is hopefully behind us. i am playing catch up in my office and i hear the chitter chatter of kids playing.  this is my reality.

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