we've interrupted our scheduled post

to bring you something else. i'd planned to bring you part 2 of my fun little project today.

why am i unable to bring you part 2 now? you ask.  
~ last night, i chatted with old coworker friends longer than planned. too much chit chat & laughter followed by xmas + grocery shopping, followed by rush hour like traffic at 9pm, followed by unpacking groceries, followed by wrapping the xmas presents, followed by thinking my 2 cups of coffee at happy hour not the best idea when i really should be sleeping.

~today will be interupted by a trip back to the dr. my ear is in pain again. hoping to take some photos. photos of the memory game in use not my ear in pain.

anyway. moving on. i'll be starting production on this saylor invite. aren't these super cute colors? (so much prettier in person)
oh and here is a final picture of the ~my fun little project~
enjoy the rest of your day & safe travels if you're traveling.


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