speaking of aiming to please

one of my clients liked the bella birdcage invite (save the date actually) since she was using birdhouses at the reception. i incorporated a birdhouse instead of a birdcage. because she asked. you know, cuz i aim to please.*
{the brides color inspiration board. specific sources unknown}
i tried different custom color combinations and layouts, printed, took photos and emailed them for the bride to review. sometimes i go overboard because i over analyze. {this is my standard process for custom color}
from there they made their selection and along came their final design. {forgive the poor quality pic. we've had lots of snow & overcast days} 
for someone who hates dislikes birds, i sure do love how these cute these are.
i'll be adding a bella birdhouse or maybe just a birdhouse design wedding invitations to my shop in the new year.
*or rather i aim to make my clients happy. happy clients make me happy and without happy clients i wouldn't have a business.


Kimberly said...

Adorable. I love your use of fonts and color. Very inspiring! :)

Stelie Designs said...

Wow! Thanks for the kind words Kimberly, I really appreciate them.

Martha said...

How cool are our save the dates?!?!?!


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