silver lining

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i'm a positive person, i see the "silver lining" in everything.  although, i admit, monday when my husband came home and told me he was getting laid off for the month of november, i had a lapse in being positive.  probably from being sleep deprived (i've only slept 7 straight hours 2x's in 2 months) while my cold has subsided, 3 of my kids still have their's (adler now has double ear infection)  i needed time to let it sink in and look for that "silver lining"  

~ in may, when my husband was needed back at work after 2 months off, we all cried. we loved having him home all day and were really going to miss him. plus, those months were stelie designs highest grossing sales ever ~

{print found here}

i found these art prints inspiring and a reminder that this shall pass and everything is going to be okay.  i've been gearing up for stelie's busiest holiday season yet.  so that silver lining...now i can work more and still have family time.  i can continuue to grow my business. plus, jer won't need to take vacation around thanksgiving.  it will all be good.


Stephanie said...

I can definitely relate.. my husband's job has slowed down tremendously & when it does pick back up, it's hard to adjust to not having him around as much, very bittersweet.

Stelie Designs said...

bittersweet is the PERFECT word!! i appreciate you commenting.


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