parts of our new home - foyer

yesterday, i was thinking about our new home. we love it. just love it.
but honestly...there is not one room in this house that is 100% complete. someday maybe. so i'll continue to show you the progress of our home.
the above before pic shows the lovely vinyl floor the bank put in the entry, (we've heard the original floor was removed due to damage) the oak base boards that were half chewed and scratched by dogs.  the medium pergo floor beyond with significant scratches.  thankfully the new carpet was neutral and the new paint a warm neutral.

{after..one night while heading up to tuck kids in}
we replaced the entry, kitchen,eating area with new maple laminate floors.  thanks to my dad and jer for installing.  (we decided on laminate for durability, timing, and cost. i've lived with real wood floors for 10 years. love them but not how easily they damage with pets and kids.)

so far we replaced all the main level baseboards and most of the window trim with real maple wood trim, my husband made them all from scratch (well..from a giant piece of solid maple wood) he cut, put a slight round at the top, sanded, sealed.  he along with my dad installed them.

the walls were painted wheat bread by behr. the paint by behr the walls painted by my mom.

~still to do~
paint the front door, put maple trim around the front door and my office door, new light fixture (i want this one)

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