everyone needs/uses transportation to and from their ceremony and reception.  so why not decorate it to coordinate with your wedding stationery?

like this...easton design..

one day, i got an email from the brides personal attendant asking if i could design car magnets.  well, OF COURSE, i would love to.  plus, it had to be a secret. a WHAT?? i'm not the best at secrets when it's a cool thing i'm designing.  but i was good. the bride was surprised. right kris?
i designed, used an outside printer (which scares me and is something i rarely do) and had it mailed directly to the personal attendant, who owned the car they were using.  the mob (mother of the bride) emailed me pics after they arrived so i could see them. how sweet is that?!?

the bride also emailed me photos so i could see...

so cool. so fun. so perfect.


Kris said...

you kept the secret perfectly and I'll have to send you a picture of the signs on our fridge!

Stelie Designs said...

believe me kris. i was so excited for this project, it was hard not to share.


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