city to country

remember we moved from the city to the country a short time ago?!?  you don't. well we did.  last month our town hosted a city to country tour for one day. where we got to tour 3 local farms.  us city folk were super excited. so we...

loaded up our car minivan with 4 kids, 2 adults (my husband and i) snacks, milk, water, diapers, coats, blankets, wraps for baby wearing, and boots.

our first stop...the sheep farm. were we saw chickens,
 sheep. lots of sheep.
alpaca's. brought in from another farm. adler loved the alpaca's. she cried whenever i walked away from them.

[easton hanging w/daddy in the hip hammock]
 and we even got to see this guy shearing the sheep. it truly is an art to get all that wool.
 the farm house had this cool tire swing that avery had to try.
 then paxton had to try it.
paxton was not happy with me that i forgot to take pictures of the horses. he loved the 2 horses.  then it was onto the second farm which was...

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