city to country part 3

this is the final installment into our city to country tour.
a dairy farm!  full of cows. cows. horses. cows. farm cats. cows. milk shakes. cows.
we'd had weeks or so of lovely rain. rain that flooded our basement. thankfully it's not finished. so we go to wear these cool plastic bags over our shoes so we didn't get mud all over our feet or lose our shoes in mud.  so attractive don't ya think?

we had hussle from the pumpkin farm to make it to the milking by 3:00.  it was a must see for the kids. we made it in time.

easton had finally fallen asleep so i held him. took a few shots and had to leave the barn for fear of throwing up from the smell.  what can i say...i'm not a farm girl.

after the milking we looked at calves. then into the farmhouse garage for milkshakes and cheese. my husband someone who shall remain nameless, had 4+ milkshakes.  they were excellent.
after the above shot, it started getting colder and the babies wanted down. so i took them back to the car while the big kids checked out more cows with their dad.

the next shots are from my little photographer avery. most of them were of utters. i thought i'd spare you those.

this was by far the kids' most favorite farm on the tour. avery has decided she is going to live on a farm and have cows.

thank you for sharing this adventure with us. we are so excited to see what will be on next years tour.

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