kinsley or kinslee

i love the kinsley invite. it is one of my all time favorite designs. rich colors + very modern. 

i finished these up a couple weeks ago for e&t.
along with a reception save the date.
why kinsley or kinslee? kinsley is what paxton's name would be if he'd been a girl. which he's not.  [i name all my invitation after names i like or people i know or what moves me at the moment] this last time around kinsley would've been Easton's name had he been a girl. which he's not. so it became adler's middle name with a different spelling. kinslee - lee is for my dad. it's his middle name, my brother's middle name, my nephew's middle name, my cousin's, my aunts. and i'm sure a billion other people's middle name too. but we did it for my dad. cuz he's a phenominal person and paxton is joseph after my mom & i [jo].

i digress. now back to this kinsley invitation set. it was full service. i am the only one who touched them before they were placed into each guest's hands. mailed actually. i stuff, stamped, licked, sealed, mailed. in a bind or just don't want to bother. then ask me for details.

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