my babies are one!!
one year ago today.  this was me. and this was your introduction to the world.
what a blessing you both are to our family.
you love to smile. walk along/behind everything. point and jabber. stand alone. you are finally getting your 3rd tooth. we call you "messy marvin" when you eat. you are very curious. frustrate easily. a papa's boy. love to laugh. play peek a boo. giggle. open and close things. you prefer to push a chair or kid table instead of a push toy. you bring such joy to our family.
your toothy grin lights up a room. you love to read books. play. talk. stand. pull yourself up. be held. take your hat off. you are getting your 6th tooth. you are silly. dramatic. love to play coy. a grandma's girl.  a fantasic hugger and snuggler.  love to laugh. bite. stick your finger in your nose. play peek a boo. giggle. you bring such delight to our family.

happy birthday my baby loves.

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