a little bit country

if you follow me on facebook [please do] or twitter then you already know. 
i'm moving!
stelie's moving! my family is moving. 
we're moving from the city to the country.
a small town surrounded by country. 
a small town without a target. a small town without a starbucks.

we pass crops. farms. horse stables. organic farms. fields.
we pass cows. horses. llamas. goats. on our way from our current home to our new home.
we're moving from 3 targets within 5 miles to the closest target being 21 miles.

i've always been a city girl at heart. i prefer a cabin to camping. the sounds of traffic to the sounds of crickets. i prefer starbucks to caribou. target to walmart. pools to lakes...well...you understand.

i am extremely excited for this adventure and where we are headed. i got that feeling when i walked into the house. that feeling it's meant to be mine. that feeling where i see our kids playing and growing up. that feeling that its perfect for us. [perfect for us after it gets a minor renovation, scrubbed to the core and new paint]

**Images taken on our way to our future home.  don't worry, no one was harmed. just a lot of "mommy what are you doing?"


Adorebynat said...

Hope you and family will be adjusted to the 'new' life. Love to know how things are in the new place. Keep us posted!

Stelie Designs said...

Thanks Nat! I'll be posting lots of progress photos once we get in and get our hands dirty.


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