Locked Out!

Monday morning, the kids and I drove my husband to work since his car is in the shop. We were all dressed and ready to go so we continued on to running errands. Since it was barely 8:00, Target was to be our first stop of many.

That morning was particularly fidgid, we'd been having a slight heat wave of 30's, now it was below zero wind chill. Being one of the first to arrive at Target we got a great spot right in front. I was able to get some groceries and the kids were able to do their usual "look at toys!" Well it was now time to get moving onto the rest of our errands. Bundled the kids back up and off to the car we went. To my surprise, my remote wasn't working, so I tried the key, it didn't work either. For a quick minute, I thought it was the wrong silver SUV. I looked inside, nope, that was our toys/mess. I now realized our locks were frozen, my sweet husband got my car washed the day before. Arrggh..

Thankfully, somehow I was able to get the back window & door open, so the kids climbed in to get out of the wind. I tried to get Avery to unlock her door, to no avail. (For those of you who don't know, I am 5'9" and I have a Honda CRV, small SUV, with 2 big car seats which barely leave room for someone to squeeze in between them, toys are scattered everywhere in between the seats on the floor, and an enormous double stroller that takes up the entire back end. ) I now had the stroller hanging out of the back and the cart with all our stuff still sitting outside too.

Target was now getting busy, people kept waiting for my prime parking spot. I climbed through, also trying to pry one of the back door locks open, not gonna happen. I started the car to keep the kids warm and warm the locks. As I was climbing through, my wonderful son said angrily"mommy, you're stepping on my bear!" I think I said something like "too bad, mommy's stuck!"

After I climbed back out, I asked Avery to hand me my mittens, (I forgot them while climbing to and fro) the little darling was only able to find one, at least one hand wouldn't be frost bitten while I was outside on the phone yelling at my husband for doing this to us and calling my dad for guidance and working on the locks. Avery was able to roll down her window and finally I got her door unlocked. Thankfully, after much frustration and embarassment, I packed up the car, put the cart in the corral, and climbed in from the back seat. We were almost home and all the locks started working, needless to say we didn't continue on our errands.

It's another fridgid morning, if we venture out, I'll leave the car unlocked or running.

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Honduras Sprout said...

I'm so way outta touch here! I'm catching up on the blog and the biz.

This story had me laughing and trying to imagine everything you must have been feeling. The frigid cold and the agony of having frozen hands!

okay, I needed to say hello. On to more catch up...


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