Happy New Year!!!

Welcome 2008!! I hope everyone had a great and safe New Years Eve celebration!

New Years Eve brings another special event for us, not only is it the reflecting of the past year and celebrating the beginning of another but it is also our wedding anniversary. My sweet husband & I were married December 31, 2002.

There wasn't much going on but since it was our 5 year we decided to do a little celebrating on our own. My parents came over to babysit so we went ice skating in the afternoon and dinner in the evening.

Ice skating was the first time for me in too many years to count. Jer was showing off his skating skills, while I was able to move forward and turn. Unfortunately it was terrible ice, all bumpy but we managed to stay up the whole time without falling. Then we ran some errands and back home. We had a great time once we actually got in the car, little P was distraught mommy was leaving without him. After some screaming and crying, we made it out the door. It doesn't last long though and he's off having a blast with grandma & papa.

Our dinner reservations were at 7:00 pm. We left around 6:20 after another hard goodbye for Mr. P. Since they were so busy, they were moving people in and out quickly. We were home by 8:00pm and able to tuck our little ones in. The joke is it took me longer to decide on a meal than it did to make and eat our meals & dessert.

Once home, we played games and celebrated the beginning of 2008 with NYC. Fun was had by all. I am looking forward to another full year of experiences and adventures. This morning we celebrated with the kids throwing confetti while saying "Happy New Year!"

Jer & I New Years Eve 2002

Jer & I New Years Eve 2007

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Honduras Sprout said...

You guys are adorable! We went to a wedding around Christmas time and we sat with another couple who have been married for about 15 years. Of course we were talking about marriage, etc. They told us that if we make it 5 years that after that it gets much easier.

Does that mean that I won't want to hang my husband's dirty drawers up in the trees anymore because I have to pick them up off the floor every single day after him? LOL!

Congrats on the 5 year!


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