Bedtime Silliness

Bedtime at our home is always interesting, tonight was no exception. The kids ask me to sing their song every so often. The back story is: When they are laying in their beds, I sing (not very well) & spell their name (A-V-E-R-Y, mommy loves her Avery for Miss A & P-A-X-T-O-N, etc. for Mr. P) while moving their legs, other than the words and tune, its never exactly the same. I started singing it to them when they were itty bitty babies, and every so often since them. In the last few months they have been asking for it more often and only at bedtime.

Typically P asks first but tonight, A asked first so I was singing to her. P was asking for his song, so Jer said daddy can do it, he said no, mommy! but daddy tried anyway. I finished with A and P said mommy, daddy not do it so well!! HAHAHAHA Needless to say, Jer and I were rolling. I sang to him and then he started singing it himself. To our amazement, Mr. P can spell his name. Miss A misses 2 letters but she sings it well and adds her own words and tune. So cute & silly.

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