I'm an Auntie again!!

I'm happy to announce, I'm an autie again for the 4th time. My sweet second niece was born today. Lyla Jaye arrived into this world at 7 lbs 10 oz, 18" long. When I told the kids, I said the baby isn't in auntie's tummy anymore, she's here and we get to see her. They were so excited they jumped up and down while clapping.

On our way to the hospital my husband and I were prepping the kids, you will not get to hold your new cousin until she's older. You can just look at her. It was hardest for Avery, she so wanted to hold her. She loves babies, just like her mommy! She couldn't stop touching the blanket. I on the other hand, got to hold the little cutie pie.

Of course in the parking lot on our way home, I realized we forgot to take a picture...sigh...next time.

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