Card Party Success!!

I had the first card party open house in 8 years, in Sioux Falls, SD, my birth place and parents current home. I wasn't sure how it would go since my cards are a more modern/simple design. I worked hard for 3 weeks when I could squeeze in an hour here an hour there to get a good supply. Single greeting cards, packaged thank you's, packaged holiday, etc.

I am happy to say it was a smashing success! I sent out 30 invites and only 17 people attended. I made 3x's what I had hoped. Yeah!! My husband was amazed and very pleased too. Well worth the time and effort.

My top sellers:

"The Essential Card Kit" - 8 assorted cards for those events that everyone needs a card for

"Jazz up you table" paper confetti - autumn leaves, baby feet, snowflakes.

If anyone in the Minneapolis metro area is interested in having a card party for their friends and family let me know.
Now I need to get all of them up and running on etsy.com. That's a future entry.

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