Father's Day Weekend Recap!

Saturday we spent the day at the MN Zoo. No matter how often we go, always something new and always enjoyable.
The Dinosaurs are back!

Adler preferred to stay like this while touring the dinosaurs.
She love dinosaurs but prefers her dino toys over the larger than life ones.
Of course Africa is back so we had to feed the giraffe's.  This was Adler & Easton's first time and I'm not sure Paxton & Avery remember their first time. 

 On Father's Day, we let Daddy sleep in.  Then woke him up by screaming "Happy Father's Day" and throwing him his cards and a donut with a candle (don't worry, we didn't throw the donut with a lit candle.  that would be silly, not to mention dangerous)

Jer decided he wanted to do something with each kid separately.  First up was the driving range with Paxton. (He is now an avid golfer)
Avery wanted to go to the pet store, but it was closed. She wanted to go the library, but it was also closed. (Small towns = not much open on Sunday)  So she decided on a bike ride.
 Avery came back happy but exhausted!  Jer said, they were wearing him out.

Easton wanted to go to the video store to get a game.  He wanted to ride his bike there but refused to go after lunch (have I mentioned troublesome 3's) he had to go now so he opted for a ride in the car.  The came home with 3 games that Paxton or Daddy could play for him.
Adler she also wanted to go to the pet store but as I mentioned it was closed. Earlier she wanted to go for a walk with Daddy.  Each time they tried to go, she wasn't ready.  Then came running thru the sprinklers, dinner, baths, then she was fine not doing anything.  Of all 4, she is the biggest daddy's kid/girl!
It was a wonderful, gorgeous day!  That turned sour (literally) around 11 pm with throw up. Which lasted until 4 am from Easton, Adler & me.  (We are good now)

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