This summer BIG changes are happening in the G-K home!  We are moving rooms. (well, my hubby & I are staying in the same spot, although, it would fit all 4 kids perfectly) 

Upstairs we have Paxton & Avery's room, Easton & Adler's room, a playroom and our room.  Since my 8 year olds still do not want their own room, we are switching to a boy and a girl room.  Wish us luck, we've been talking this up for about a year.  P&A are so bonded (they've only spent two nights separate, when P was 20 months & in the hospital) that I'm slightly nervous and secretly a little sad about separating them.

I'm in full planning mode for their rooms.

{Paxton & Avery's current room}

First up is the girls room, currently Paxton & Avery's room.  Avery wanted a zebra stripe painted wall, I DO NOT want to paint that!  I think we've settled on a chevron of sorts.  I drew up a quick sample to show the girls.  Adler was so so so happy!
My plan for their room besides painting is recovering A&P's current metal bed with fabric, a full length wall shelf, painting their oak trim white (big undertaking / still deciding if I want to tackle it) some custom art, etc.

I still need to draw up my thoughts for the boys so they can see it.  Paxton chose a wall that just might be the bane of my existence.  I thought zebra would be challenging...I'll share the boys plans later.

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