Eight!  8!  Paxton & Avery are Eight! 

Every year I want them to slow down from growing up so fast. Every year they refuse and keep growning.
{this is what I got when I said I want to take your picture}
I am blessed with two truly amazing 8 year olds!  They are sweet, smart, caring, compassionate, funny, goofy, silly, snuggable, lovable kids and I get to be their mommy!

Paxton is into legos, nascar, monstor trucks, running, sports, shoes, art, wild kratts. His favorite color is hot pink but chooses orange or red if asked at school. Even though he is only 22 seconds older he has first born traits.

Avery is into anything animal, art, legos (as long as they aren't the girl ones) pythons, nothing girly (except jewelry), wild kratts, chipmunk movies.  Her favorite color is golden or red.

They remain as thick as thieves, still share a room, always think of the other, bicker, share secrets and prefer not to do something without the other if possible.

Can't wait to see what the year of 8 brings!

You can find last year here.  I'll share about their parties in another post or 2.

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Handmade in Israel said...

What a lovely post! I hope they had a fun birthday.


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