evolution...part 2

{Avery in our playroom before painting}
Yesterday's post, left off with my computer wall paint choices
 I went with my first option, it was the one in my head and just needed to verify.

One day late last October, I taped out my stripes with frog tape.  Honestly, I had super high hopes for frog tape.  My first time using.   In reality the key to clean / straight lines isn't the tape, it's painting over the tape with the base color, providing a clean seal.  
Paxton got to work on the charcoal grey.  I wasn't thrilled with how the base color made it more brown than grey.  I had to do 3 coats and could've done more but was ready to be done.
 Not quite dry. In all honesty, I still wasn't loving how it was turning out. Not so kid fun, more adult fun. 
Here is how it looks now.  After adding some key lime green, hot pink pops of color, I'm happy with it. (for now at least.)  Paxton & Avery got desks for xmas as playroom has evolved into the art/school/reading room. 
I moved all all toy storage out of here and into the upstairs playroom, living room or basement. However, animals always migrate to this room.

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KandyOh said...

I really like it! We did something similar in my older son's room: sky blue, lime green and orange horizontal stripes. Though he's been begging to redo it again...


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