evolution...part 1

We've lived in our home for 29 months and it is forever evolving. Our main floor playroom (aka some day when the kids are grown dining room) has probably seen the most changes.  Because as the kids age, so do their needs and so do the needs of the playroom.

It looked like this a few weeks after moving in. It was for baby or big toys only since my littlest were only 13 months old.
then it evolved to this a year later
 then then 7 months ago we inherited this heirloom which become our art epicenter.
all the while, I was never IN LOVE with the paint color.  Our previous playroom had been a true turquoise, which I LOVED!!!! but was looking for something different more subtle with pops of color in this house.  I'd mentioned painting the playroom to my son, Paxton (7), and he was all, let's repaint it! let's repaint it NOW! umm, okay. Now I'm on the spot to either make it happen or disappoint my son.  What's a mom to do?!?!!!  Paint with what we've got, of course.

Here is what I did, I turned on the computer and drew up a few different stripe options with the colors I wanted to use. 
The lightest is Wheat Bread by Behr. It's on 2 walls in the playroom and our main color in our entire house. The dark gray is in our living room and the upstairs hallway which you see from the front door. I wanted to keep the current wall color because 1. I hate to trim and take so long and 2. All the frames are already painted that color.

We, Paxton and I got to work, while everyone else went outside. Which I'll share tomorrow.

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