Pumpkins & ER

Monday, the little kids and I met friends at a local pumpkin patch.   Pumpkins were touched & admired, corn kernels were shucked,  rocking horse was rocked, hay bales were walked on and jumped off, wagons were pulled, pictures were snapped, words were spoken & smiles were plenty.

As the day went on, my throat got that thick feeling and I thought, "oh, great! I'm getting a cold!"  After dinner the kids were running races around the house timing each other. I realized my tongue was hurting from hitting my teeth and it hurt to talk. {I'm a talker, so hurting to talk is detrimental to my ability to be me.}

I looked at Jer and said "I think my tongue is swollen?! It hurts."  After looking at it in the mirror it was NOT a pretty sight.  So I quickly downed advil & claritin at the same time.  {Do not do that at home}  Needless to say, after the big kids were sleeping, I finally went to the ER.  By this time my tongue was now large & numb, my throat fuller, my ears started feeling foggy (this is a allergic reaction I experience from spinals) 

Needless to say, I got a shot of Epi along with a cocktail of pills.  Do you know how hard it is to swallow pills when your throat is swollen?  I sat in a room by myself, cold, with a dying phone and no where to plug it in and a body that was jumpy and shaky, bored out of my jittery mind.  It was during this that I noticed I had two different flip flops on.
Of course I took a photo just as the nurse was coming in to check on me!  Yep, I was a cold jittery mess.

The culprit remains a mystery since I didn't eat anything different.  The Dr. believes it's possible molds/spores or something I inhaled at the pumpkin patch.  It's possible it got worse because we forgot about the pumpkins and took them out of the car right before dinner.   Now, I'm struggling tiredness from benedryl.

My 20's gave me asthma, my 30's gave me seasonal allergies, apparently my 40's are bringing this...Good Times!

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