Wedding Invitation Sale

This almost never happens!  But because September Rocks + I love weddings + it popped in my head this morning!

I'm offering 20% off your entire wedding invitation/additional wedding items when you book a deposit today!

That means you'd get a wedding invitation set (invite, rsvp, & both envelopes) for $3.40 each instead of $4.25 each.

That means you'd save $100 on a $500 order!  You'd only pay $400 and could use the other $100 for shoes or toward something else.

Large discount orders (when you order over 200 sets) are only 10%.  This is a LOT to save! 

This is an awesome deal people!  I am so excited so tell all your engaged friends!  How does that sound?

Any questions, ask away by emailing steliedesigns@yahoo.com

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