Happening at my house

These little loveys
 in their pigtails
have been taking up so much of time as they potty train again for the 3rd and last time.
You'd think after having two under my belt #3 & #4 would be easy.  Umm..no! Challenging is what it is.   Paxton & Avery were completely done before 2 1/2 yrs old.  These guys had other plans.

Adler has been fully potty trained at least 3 times but then after a couple weeds decides she doesn't want to do it anymore.  Probably because her brother isn't.  We started again, last Tuesday, Adler was great! Easton cried a lot, A LOT.  After many tears by him and me, I decided to push thru and we are now a diaper free family! 

My babies aren't babies anymore.  They are big little kids. So proud of them.

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