2013 Calendars Preview

Can you believe 2012 is over half over???  I can't, even though, my mind has been racing with 2013 calendar designs.  It's been hard narrowing it down. 

The first one is my "fun" desk calendar.  Each design has glasses+flower+mustache.
I was giddy with my test print.  I am happy with the bold, fun, silliness of it. 
Joy should be found in everyday little things.

Next is my normal desk calendar full of bold, pretty, modern designs.  Originally, I didn't think anything could top the way I felt about the above calendar, but I love this one in a different way.  I think you can love more than one person calendar at a time.

Then I designed a patterned calendar which will be available in my printable shop next month.
I'm also designing an animal calendar. Stay tuned.

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