Exterior House Progress

{Fall 2011}
We moved into our house late August 2010.  Last summer we dug up the old dead bushes and put in new landscaping on the right of the front door.   The tree on the left wasn't properly cared for, we tried grooming, but it still didn't feel right.  
{Fall 2011}
This is what I saw every time we came home.  Ugly tree blocking the front door. After convincing my husband it had to go, down she came late last fall.  The bushes in front of the tree, while not my favorite, were relocated, survived the winter and are even blooming. see...

And now this is what I see.
Ahhh...much better. I'm toying with the idea of putting in a small patio with new plants close to the sidewalk.  For now existing chairs as a holding place to see how we like/use it.
Slowly, we are moving in the right direction to get our home the way we want.   It's challenging with 4 kids, limited time, and oh so much to do.
*Disregard the orange flags, we had our power lines marked.

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