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If you've been following me for a while, then you know I've worked with the incredibly wonderful women of sugarSNAP! Two mom's of twins (twin love!) started a business to help organize the never ending amount of stuff babies/toddlers/kids need. 

I was lucky enough to have them find me and choose me to work with them on their logo & fabric design.   Truly amazing!

{photo by sugarSNAP}

{photo by sugarSNAP}
I was also lucky enough to receive my very own sugarSNAP files. In March I opened my mailbox to find not just bills but a surprise package.  Which I opened to find this...

which opened to this  

Not only do I think they are cool, enjoy how they are packaged and love them but professionally it rocks to see my digital files in print.  The info card I made pretty with their words.

The fun fabric with mesh so you can see what's in there.

full fabric back. 

After squealing with delight and filling up the files I quickly realized they were too pretty for my gross & worn out well loved diaper bag.  A few days later I found a new large purse (I have 4 kids' stuff to lug around) It would be a bottomless pit without the files.

{while I could've closed the zippers, this is my real life}
My snacks are overflowing, yes, I'm an over packer.  My dipes are stuffed full because my little ones are 2.5 and someday Easton will no longer say "I'm too young to use the potty" or "I'm not a big boy, I'm a baby" and Adler will be more consistant.  Their diapers are big & there are 2 of them that I plan for and it still fits!

Seriously you must run out and get some for yourself or a gift for someone. You can use all 5 at once or not.  I took the me & mine file with me to my weekend in VA. Versitile + stylish = must have!

~ looking for branding or logo design email steliedesigns@yahoo.com

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