Yesterday, my Paxton + Avery turned 7!
Seven years has flown by.
Too fast.
{Paxton wasn't feeling the best}

Saturday we celebrated with family. 
Sunday their actual big day!  Paxton woke with a bad tummy ache. He managed to play wii (their b-day gift) for a bit. Then spent the rest of the day, sleeping, aching, not feeling well.  After many tears were shed, we made a very difficult decision to keep their friend b-day party as rescheduled. 

Avery ended up with her own party. All their friends sang happy birthday to Paxton, which I captured on video.  It was strange to not have him their but it went well.  Fun was had, games were played, cake was eaten. 
This explains how bad he felt. He and the little kids were at my parent, so we brought his gifts and he didn't even want to open them.  Until much much later. 
Today, he is home. Trying to figure out what it is.
Here is a little bit of our house this weekend.
The birth of Paxton & Avery ended a 2 year battle with infertility.   While it was a difficult struggle, I cherish it because it made me a better mom.  It made me appreciate them even more, if that's possible. 

The last 7 years having them in my life  has been incredible.   They are the reason, I started this journey of working from home.  I am so lucky to be their mom & so proud of who they are.

Happy Birthday Paxton!
Hapy Birthday Avery!
I love you!

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