move it! move it!

My kids (especiall my little kids) love the Move it! Move it! song!  They know it from the Madagascar movie and it seemed perfect for this post. 

My oldest kids will be 7 on March 11 and this year they are having their very first friend party!  Their very first friend party that we had to postpone from the 3rd to the 11th because they were out of school 3 and 4 days with fevers + 2 sick parents + 1 sick sibling didn't make for a F.U.N. party.   Instead of sending everyone home with hand sanitizer & germs, I contacted all parents on new party date. Whew! Thankfully everyone got the message since no one showed up on our door step ready to party.

These invites are freshly illustrated by me after my nascar/hotwheel loving boy & animal loving girl informed me they didn't want separate parties.

Sometimes you have to wipe the tears (mine more than theirs) roll with the punches and move it move it! Because life and illness happen. They are gearing up for a full party weekend next weekend. 

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