Our Winter Break

the kids had 11 straight days off from school, my husband had 10 straight days off & I had lots of plans for us....first up was going downtown Minneapolis to the Macy's 8th floor auditorium + a santa visit.
this year was a day in the life of an elf.
[poor quality cell phone photo]
then because Paxton was all about skyscrapers!  The kids were in the city in March but acted like they'd never seen skycrapers before. Slightly embarrassing but also exciting. We wandered the skyways listening to a quartet play xmas songs, then decided to do a touristy thing...go to an observation deck. I moved to Minneapolis the fall of 1990 for college & lived there until 1.5 years ago when we moved to a tiny town in the middle of nowhere.  I also worked downtown in college & 11+ years thereafter, suprisingly I've never went to one of the observation decks.  

It was my first time in an elevator with my kids going to the 30th floor.  I was a bit nervous+uneasy. What if something happened?  Then we walked another 2 flights up and out to this...
it was overcast + started to snow. Quite a magical moment!  Until, I who love heights now was scared to have my kids near or Jer hold them up to look.  Protective Mommy took over me.

It was finally going to be a slight white Christmas!

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ij said...

Aww, cool snow! This coming from San Francisco Bay Area where it was in the upper 60s and 70s in some areas in the "winter". Even the sierras have barely any snow, people are going up there to hike and bike in January!!! Looks like you all had fun. Love the Santa pic, my niece and nephew haven't gone to do the customary Santa pic yet, my sis is afraid they'll get scared. Oh well, there's always next year!!


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