Everybody Loves a good Fairy Tale!

Meet Ava, a new 2012 design.  These invitations are a bit out of my comfort zone, in their princessy / girly / fair tale kind of way. I'm not (nor have I ever been) a girly kind of girl.  Yes, I played with barbies & dolls when I was young.  All  my barbies had cute short hair cuts, by yours truly.  Anyway, I had this idea about a fairy tale and put a modern touch on these whimsy save the dates + invites. 

"The Fairly Tale continues" for the save the dates & "Our Happily Ever After" for the wedding invitations.

Changing the colors would up the modernism of these, don't you think?


Sammie - Stitches 'n Scraps said...

Oh I like them! You did a great job combining the whimsical and modern. I'm sure they'll be a hit!! Is the hair color and such customizable? That might make th even more popular.

Stelie Designs said...

thanks Sammie! Yes, all customizable.

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