why hello there!

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! (for all you who celebrate in the US) 
 I hope you enjoyed your weeked!

We left Thursday morning for my hometown, backed out of our driveway at 6:45am and arrived at my parents other home about 10:00ish. I forgot my camera so no pics of my gang from Thanksgiving.  The above photo taken by Teresa Hermes Photography in October will have to do.  It's not like my kids were dressed anyway.  Of the 4, 2 put on their nice clothes, 1 stayed in pajama's and 1 just in a diaper.  

I took 4 days off, although I did answer a few convo's + emails, and worked on a few proofs but not much. It was a refreshing break. I played games, took a nap, ate, snuggled my kids, laughed til I cried, shopped alone with my husband a few different times, thought about xmas gifts for the kids, laughed some more, was silly, and had an all around enjoyable time.  It was a treasure to see my grandma, who a month earlier had suffered a small stroke, it was also sad to see a woman who for 90 years loved to play games, but now couldn't remember how. 

I'm home and it's back to the holiday grind. Orders to fill, kids to get to school, you know the usual.
Take time to breath and stay tuned for some freebies.

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