what's up?

i've basically abandoned this little blog the last month or so.  why? you ask. oh you didn't, well i'll tell you what's up anyway.

1. since my older kids started 1st grade, every day, all day, 5 days a week. it's quite time consuming & am hoping to get into a better routine before the year is over. it entails reading every night, reading every morning, practice spelling words every morning, etc. etc. (way too much busy work for me, but that's a whole 'nother story.)
2. on the days my mom is here, i used to get into my office 8ish, now it's after 9 since i see my kids off on the bus.
3. i'm actually doing a full holiday launch instead of a little here and there, like in previous years. including digital photo cards + return address labels.  the launch is starting this week.
4.  i've been working on new stationery + notepad designs for this holiday season as well. 
5. my 2 year olds are at the high maintenance stage.  if you have or had a two year old, you know. now multiply it by 2 & that's what i've got going on.  (i enjoy this stage, just harder to get anything done)

6. kids asleep closer to 8 instead of 7 like last year. 
7. i'm trying to stick to weekends 'is family time' as much as possible.
8. been working on larger design projects ~ logo design & fabric design for different clients.
9. stelie is a one woman show so if i'm not doing it, it doesn't get done.

now another little something of what's to come this holiday season.

so what do you think of what you've seen so far? 
thank you for sticking with me!  even if i forget to mention it, i really appreciate all of you.

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